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Okay, so now that I have settled into my new position as a floral merchandiser, I can make my own arrangements! Which is oh-so exciting because I just know I have a knack for color combinations and design! I made 4 before I left for work, so maybe they will sell this weekend! I have been so inspired with my sewing designs from the wide array of flowers. I like to study the colors and shapes, and consider possible elements of clothing I shall make. I came up with a lovely design that I will start working on as soon as I am done with my poet's dress, which is a multi media collaged vintagey rapsutina and emilie autumn inspired dress. Will post pics as my work resumes!
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D-I-Y Design-ettes of Metrowest

Do you adore making unique handmade creations?
Longing for a social club where artsy types experiment with form, function, and add in their own eccentric aesthetic?
Would you jump at the mention of a crafting skillshare?

Then please, help me get this club off the ground by joining our online group.


I have a brilliant vision! Get all of us crafty grrls together in the area to have skillshares, meetups, plan outtings to events members find amusing, and etc. upon your request!

You know your diggin it, so just join the group already grrl!!


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I had a great time at the Festival of the Lion yesterday! Although it was waaay too hot for anything close to comfort. But, we had fun performing, and the girls were amused by the faery costume I made, and on top of that my Shukun treated me to a pony ride!!! *squeels of joy*

Maria also gave Alex her first henna! She was actually able to keep it stained ( a miracle for an 8 year old!)

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A lovely picnic day at Wayside Inn
I had so much fun the other day with my Shukun while picnicing at the lovely Wayside Inn. We sat by the water mill, and enjoyed the mist coming from it, and onto our food...lol.
Then there was the photogenic duck, that posed so nicely for me.
And I got a good glamourbomb in!
And then we visited our tree, no further comment on that however as a lady doesnt tell all...lol

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Well my social club of craftsters, and all other general artsiness girls had our first outting to the ARtwalk in Natick. It was great to meet the girls, and learn abit about each one. It would seem we all have a wide enough range of experience that we can skillshare alot! We have even already set up our skillshare to be Sept 2, which I am so very looking forward to!

I was especially super excited to meet the dress artist, and I gushed over work at her studio, she didnt seem to mind though....lol, but I think I may have embaressed the girls...LOL.

Oh and bubble tea is my new love.

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I am excited that me and my troupe, Ambika Badiah will be performing at 1:30 and 4:00 at the Festival of the Lion in Grafton, MA this Saturday and Sunday. I do hope my friends can join in the fun of this rennaisannce fair and see my fairy-fusion dance piece, and our uber tribal dance piece!

For fair details visit:

Ambika Badiah's profile page:

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I am so thrilled with myself, I have finally gotten to the point as a newbie seamttress, that I can make my favorite style of lolita skirt! I am quite different from most lolis, as I endeavor to utilize reconstructed materials, and I am thrifty on purpose...*gasp*
I used material from a curtain, a flannel sheet which I dyed a beige with tea, and trim I found for an astoundingly low price at my local flea market.
I copied the alice in wonderland design from a shirt I also purchased from the flea market (future project will include 2 alice in wonderland shirts) It is hand-stiched, and it was quite hard and time-consuming! I will also be adding the catepillar's notable line, "Who are you?" along the top waistline with red or black fabric paint.

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Me and my sisters of Ambika Badia'h had a great time performing at Yankee Homcomecoming Festival in Newburyport this past weekend! Albeit the rain, there was a decent audience turn out, and we improved our booty's off with much success!
It is unfortunate though that the sound tech had smoked himself retarded, and therefore kept messing up our music set. *sigh* A dancer just can't find good help these days.
So onto our next project, which will hopefully be Start on the Street, Festival of the Lion (I hope to do a fairy-esque fusion piece) and then onto the Fetish Fleamarket very hopefully for me!
So much to plan and prepare, and not enough time in the day!
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